Hall of Fame

The UCM public relations Hall of Fame award was established in 2016 to recognize deserving UCM public relations alumni for  program engagement and professional accomplishment.

Derks awarded inaugural UCM PR Hall of Fame (2016)

Engaged alumni exemplar, long-time program friend and supporter, internship provider, graduate employer, class host, PR Pro Day participant, development board member, and repeat capstone course client, Paula Derks was the UCM PR program’s first Hall of Fame recipient.

As a member of the program’s development board, recently merged with its professional advisory board, Derks volunteered to help with the launch of the PRConnect alumni relations program, while also serving as official host of its kickoff event in October 2016. In fact, Derks served as host, event volunteer and facilitated the UCM PR program’s use of the Aircraft Electronics Association Derby Center for Professional Development as the event venue.

“I am deeply honored to receive this award,” said Paula Derks. “I believe in this program so much, and have witnessed the passion and excellence with which its faculty offer superb education to students. The students are great as well. I am so proud of my alma mater and its public relations program.”

“We are forever grateful for the leadership, professionalism, giving spirit, and industry excellence demonstrated by alumna Paula Derks,” said UCM PR Program Coordinator Tricia Hansen-Horn. Paula’s been a huge program supporter for years, even before we were in a good position to tell our story. Without supporters like her the program would not operate at the level of excellence that it is today. While we have many worthy alumni deserving to be part of our Hall of Fame series, it was easy to present Paula with the first award.”