5 PR-specific scholarships available to PR majors – app. deadline March 1
see MoCents scholarship system and search “public relations”

  • Anthony Winders Integrated Communication Scholarship
  • Larry and Kali Schnieders Scholarship in Public Relations
  • Learning to a Greater Degree [PR] Scholarship
  • Melissa M. Wyatt [PR] Memorial Scholarship
  • Nick Mortallaro – State Farm Insurance and Financial Services Agency PR Management Graduate Scholarship
  • A multi-major-scholarship is the Anthony and Sarah Taylor Scholarship (yes, PR students CAN win)

More than $2,500 in undergraduate scholarships granted in 2018

Nearly $15,000 granted in graduate Innovative PR Management scholarships in 2018 – benefitting more than 15 undergraduates in applied client-related experiences and generating more than 2,000 hours of community service to probono clients