The Adventure Continues

The next group of students to post from our Australian adventure is Shelby Bueneman, Taryn Burks and Jessica Santangelo.

Arriving to Brisbane was a bit of a process. First, we flew in from Sydney and from there we bussed our way to our hostel. Our hostel is a smaller building located by the river, called Brisbane City YHA. The rooms, however, are small, but there are options varying from the basic shared rooms from four beds to six beds, as well as private rooms. The hostel offers a gorgeous view from the roof including a roof-top pool, seating area, hammocks, as well as a bar/cafe near the reception area. It is located on the top of a hill that we all became familiar with as a group when we had to trudge our luggage from the bottom on up in the Brisbane heat. The average temperature during our two- week trip in the gorgeous city of Brisbane, is around 75-80 degrees.


After checking into our hostel, we familiarized ourselves with the rooms quickly to then head on a short tour with our guide Cole, who showed us around the Brisbane City area. During the walking tour, we saw the Brisbane Treasury, beautiful restaurants, gorgeous architecture, and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) campus. What we immediately noticed, is that the city is similar to the United States in ways, but the greenery was way more prominent. One thing Cole told us about Brisbane, is that they pride themselves in keeping their city clean and enforce this constantly, which explains the beauty of the QUT campus.


Also we immediately had to adjust to the opposite directions of the streets and the sidewalks to where we had to walk on the left side instead of the right, and look to the left when crossing the streets as well.

The QUT campus is located next to the botanical gardens where students can visit and enjoy the scenery in between classes. IMG_0670

The QUT campus has super-advanced technology, check out this whole wall taken up by a projected display of images.


The furniture was very modern and the architecture was advanced as well. The rooms were very spacious with tall ceilings and many of the classrooms have glass walls.

To wrap up our tour of Brisbane City and the QUT Campus, Cole guided us to a popular area in the city, Queen Street Mall. From there, he let us all go our separate ways to explore the shops and different dining options around the outdoor mall.

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