Outstanding Bus Student – Kellerman

Interview Excerpts –  2016 Harmon College of Business “Outstanding Business Student” Winner Hank Kellerman

The UCM PR program joined the Harmon College of Business & Professional Studies in fall 2015. That same academic year, you were named the School of Business Administration “best of the best” senior student. Describe your reaction.

I was shocked. I didn’t really know what to expect. It was surreal to think of how close I was to dropping out my freshman year and to see where I am now and all that I have accomplished feels great. I really enjoyed the competitive selection process I went through as a “best of the best” nominee.

Offer advice to other public relations students who want to be named “best of the best.”

Talk with people and branch out. Get to know all of your classmates and professors. You have to be able to learn different things from all types of people. Don’t put off schoolwork either. Since you’re paying for college, school has to be your number one priority while you are there. Be diligent and resourceful and you, too, can be named “best of the best.” Work in the real world while still a student; just doing well in classes won’t cut it. Be entrepreneurial.

Share the leadership thoughts you submitted to the School of Business Administration Best of the Best selection committee.

Be a leader, not a boss.

When you work in the real world (which, really, is anywhere and with anyone) you will encounter bosses and leaders. The two can be the same person, but they can also be very different. Leaders have the ability to coach, give credit when credit is due, and empower peers to work together toward their objectives. This differentiates them from a boss; they take initiative “with” others as opposed to just “giving” orders and watching their peers work. Leaders work side by side with you to ensure you understand everything and are utilizing all the tools at your disposal. Leaders guide and teach; bosses boss. It’s as simple as that.