Alumni Testimony

Michael Spangler (2011)

“Deciding to be a public relations major at UCM was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The skills, techniques and disciplines I learned are put to use nearly every day. The staff, atmosphere and relative content are second to none.” −Group Sales Executive, St. Louis Blues

Angela Orr (2012)

“The public relations program at the University of Central Missouri provided me with a wealth of hands-on experience, knowledge and resources imperative to the success of my career. The strong emphasis on communication and writing skills throughout all core courses continually proves its importance in day-to-day tasks.” −Digital Communications Manager at Kansas City Area Development Council

Cara Mahon (2011)

“The UCM Public Relations program consists of a well-rounded curriculum supported by professors with a wealth of knowledge and experience. These professors have provided me with educational and professional support from day one in the program, continuing today as an alumna.” −Digital Marketing Specialist at Associated Wholesale Grocers

Robert Fischer (2012)

“Since graduating in 2012, I have experienced a variety of PR areas including music, high-fashion, nonprofits and government. No matter what area I was in, however, the common factor was my degree from the University of Central Missouri. Employers were amazed at how much knowledge I possessed fresh from college and the skill set I already possessed as an entry-level professional. I am currently on the journey of building my own music PR firm in St. Louis and I credit those substantial building blocks from my UCM education to the progress I have made so far. No matter how big you dare to dream, a degree in public relations from this university will never let you down. You will be a versatile employee and could one day become a great leader in our industry.” −Content Specialist for LockerDome & Music Publicist for Dominant Seventh

Tom Bastian (2011)

“UCM’s public relations program built a base which has been instrumental in my career. In addition to a one-of-a-kind experience, I forged relationships with my mentors and peers that have been impactful both professionally and personally.” −Former Director of Communications at The Missouri Department of Natural Resource

Rachel (Murie) Adams (2012)

“The University of Central Missouri and the UCM Public Relations program truly guided and prepared me for the challenges and opportunities in the public relations industry. I am fortunate to have been a part of a program and university that invests in the success of its students.” −Brand Communications Manager at DLR Group

Leah Godfrey (2009)

“The University of Central Missouri Public Relations program not only got me ready for the workplace but my professors pushed my limits and made me a better professional. They taught me that strategy is always first and to network as much as possible. Today if I need advice I still come back to where I know they have my best interests in mind.” −Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Houlihan’s

Eki Lau (2012)

“One thing unique about UCM’s Public Relations program is the variety of hands-on projects that helps shape you into a strong communicator. The courses were engaging, practical and certainly not easy, but the faculty members are genuinely interested in the individual success of every student and will do everything they can to help you grow. I would not trade anything for the rewarding education I received through the program!” −Marketing Executive for Asia-Pacific, PR Newswire

Griffin Gatewood (2012)

“I am reminded every day of the important information I learned in my time in the UCM Public Relations program. I truly believe this program is among the best in the country for not only the lessons learned, but for the opportunities presented for hands on learning. My instructors and professors in the UCM Public Relations program gave me tools for success that I use on a daily basis, and I will forever be grateful to not only UCM, but the Public Relations program as well.” −Customer Service Manager at Smart Warehousing

Maggie Quinn (2013)

“The University of Central Missouri public relations program offers students an engaging, interactive and exciting look into the world of professional public relations. Access to a faculty comprised of seasoned professionals who are readily available to assist students in meeting both academic and professional goals is invaluable. While the coursework is challenging, the experience equipped me with the resume and skill set needed to find a job in my field within weeks of graduation.” –Account Executive at FleishmanHillard

Adam R. Davis (2010)
Government Affairs Director –
Realtor® Association of
Sarasota & Manatee

“Understanding the various aspects of public relations is important, but knowing how to put them all together is what determines if you are successful or not. The UCM public relations program builds successful practitioners because the lessons go far beyond any textbook or classroom and focus on real world application with actual clients. When you are in this program, you are more than a student, you’re in the early stages of your PR career.” −Governmental Affairs Director, Realtor Association of Sarasota and Manatee

Adam Maddox, FIC (2012)

“The UCM PR program equipped me for the finance industry in more ways than I could imagine. The overall knowledge, skillset, and hands-on experiences acquired through the program have allowed me to broaden my professional network and client base in ways most financial advisors wouldn’t consider. Without my background in public relations, I am certain I would not be at the success level that I am today. −Financial Associate at Thrivent Financial®

Tara Carlyle, MBA (2009)

“The UCM PR program gave me the resources and confidence I needed to succeed. Not only did the program offer a well-rounded curriculum, but also hands-on experience and countless networking opportunities. I’m continually impressed with the advancements to the program year after year. The professors are truly dedicated to the success of their students.” −Director of Business Development at Western Missouri Medical Center

Danielle Burgess (2005)

“As a student, UCM’s Public Relations program gave me the experiences I needed to secure a job in the industry that has flourished into a thriving and rewarding career. I’m grateful to not only be an alumna myself, but for the opportunities that allow me now as a professional to give back and help other young professionals get experience under their belts and one foot in the door.” −Director of Communication, Fight Colorectal Cancer

Angela Brees (2006)

“I think the UCM Public Relations Program is one of the best in the region. The program’s professors bring real-world experience to the classroom, and are actively engaged in their students’ development. I am proud to be a UCM PR alumna!” −Deputy Director, Office of Public Affairs at US Environmental Protection Agency

Stephanie (McDonald) Euer

Stephanie Euer (2011)

“The UCM Public Relations program not only prepared me with real-world experience, it set me apart as a qualified candidate when applying for new positions across the United States. I have been lucky enough to work in California, Texas, Missouri, and now Oklahoma and I attribute that to the skills and education that I received at UCM. I know that without the guidance and help from my professors in the public relations program, I would not be as confident or knowledgeable as I am today.” −Community Relations Manager at Tulsa International Airport

K.McDonald Head-shot

Katie McDonald (2012)

The skills obtained through the UCM Public Relations program reach far beyond just education. The program offers a hands-on learning approach to teaching public relations and best business practices that provide a unique advantage to not only succeed, but to excel in a fast-paced work environment. As a result of the skills I obtained during my undergraduate education, employers have trusted me early on to manage a variety of high-profile commercial real estate projects and clients. −Marketing & Communications at RED Development