What’s In It For Me? Class Client Edition

Guest Post By: Andrew Wortmann, UCM PR PRogram Alum

During your time in the PR program, you will undoubtedly work with a “real-world” client. The benefits of having students do “real-world” work are obvious for the client – an accessible test audience, extra sets of hands to work on projects, a fresh set of eyes, etc. Continue reading

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What Halloween can teach us about PR

From our student led agency Innovative PR, here’s some fun advice from Jenna Chwascinki:  What Halloween can teach us about PR

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It’s Your First Day on the Job. Now What?


By Jen (Manougian) Zoller

2007 UCM Alum, Managing Supervisor, Healthcare PR, TogoRun (New York, NY)

If you’ve accepted an offer for your first PR job, congratulations and welcome to the real world of PR professionals!  Continue reading

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Your Professor Has A Point

Guest post by Maggie Quinn, UCM PR Program Alumna

MaggieQuinn_WICT HeadshotIndividuals perusing this blog will surely come to the conclusion that the UCM PR Program offers students a unique experience as they pursue undergraduate degrees.  Continue reading

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Hearing Public Relations: Do you hear the “voice behind the voice”?

By Dr. Tricia Hansen-HornHansen-Horn

Can you actually hear a voice that’s behind another voice? How is it possible? Maybe it’s like listening to the still small voice of intuition when the more obvious clamors for prominence? Or, maybe it’s similar to how the conscience works in the face of a competing ideology? Whatever idea “the voice behind the voice” conjures up in your mind, in our minds it stands for what we do as public relations educators and professionals. It truly does represent the world of public relations when the public relations job is well done. Continue reading

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The latest news from your Program- Look for your name

Our latest edition of the PR Program newsletter is hot off the presses. If you are on our mailing list you should be receiving your copy soon. Hopefully you just can’t wait to read about some of the great things going on here at UCM, check it out digitally at http://bitly.com/1al9vTb

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The (in)famous UCM press conference

Recently students in Dr. Horn’s Strategic Planning class successfully completed their press conference assignment. In the weeks leading up to this assignment we reached out to our alumni who have all gone through the class to get their words of wisdom for the assignment.


Continue reading

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We’re all about innovation at UCM. So much so that President Obama came to campus to praise our efforts.
And the Public Relations program is front and center for the latest innovative move. Here is the official announcement that our program will move to the Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies July 1. bit.ly/1COZQLS

Please let us know if you have any questions, and please help us spread the news.

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Handling PR for a Celebrity Super Bowl Party: A Success Story

When I graduated from UCM in May 2014 with a degree in public relations I never imagined that less than a year later I would be assisting with PR for a major event, let alone an event for Super Bowl XLIX. Continue reading

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Freshmen Naivety: The Things I Wish Someone Told Me

Over my past four years at UCM, I have found myself questioning the purpose of assignments/exams/projects and their overall practicality for the real professional world. Would I really need to know each of the Supreme Court Justices? Will I ever use the seven years of French that I struggled through? Why so much emphasis on AP Style? What does it matter if I watch the news? Continue reading

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