Guest Post-Eric Morgenstern takes us on the B2B buyer’s journey

We’re honored to share this insightful post from Eric Morgenstern, CEO of Morningstar Communications in Overland Park, Kansas.  Eric has been a leader in the KC PR community for many years and writes and speaks often on a wide variety of communications topics. This post is especially important new PR pros as it focuses on business to business communications. Most of the jobs in the PR field are B2B focused and understanding this shift in the way we do business is very important. Thanks Eric, we appreciate the insight.  –Tom Heapes Continue reading

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Crisis Class Meets Crisis Pro

by Tom Heapes

We had another great opportunity for true learning to a greater degree this week at UCM. Our strategic crisis communications class had the chance to interact with Crossroads president and UCM PRSSA senior adviser Mike Swenson via Skype regarding his article on a national PR site about the latest crisis adventures at Chipotle. Continue reading

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Check the facts

By Dr. Adam Horn

You may have seen the infographic below, it is circulating around the Internet. I decided to take the fact check challenge to see if this information is true. The infographic states that 19 justices were nominated and confirmed in an “election” year. This part is true. In most cases, it was an “election” year. What the infographic does not say is they were nominated and confirmed in a “presidential election” year. Add the word “presidential” and the infographic is incorrect.

This infographic was likely created to imply that Senators Cruz and Rubio’s facts were wrong in Saturday’s Republican debate. Both stated that a supreme court justice has not been nominated and confirmed in an election year in 80 years (actually it was 1940, which is 76 years). “Technically” they were wrong when they said an “election year” and not “presidential election” year. Do you see the semantic difference here? Every year is an election year somewhere in the United States. In the spirit of their argument, most reasonable thinking people probably assumed both men meant presidential election year because Justice Antonin Scalia died Saturday and we are in the midst of a presidential election year.

The fact is only three justices have been nominated and confirmed in a presidential election year since 1900: Frank Murphy (1940), Benjamin Cardozo (1932), Louis Brandeis (1916).

Here’s the proof (see below). Check it out for yourself. This took me about 15 minutes of research. For the record, the infographic is technically right. However, due to its timing, it is misleading because the implication is that Senators Cruz and Rubio were wrong about their facts in Saturday’s debate.

Had Senators Cruz and Rubio said a supreme court justice has not been nominated and confirmed, in a “presidential election” year, in nearly 80 years, they both would have been right. But, because both senators simply said “election” year and not “presidential election” year, this is what makes the infographic correct – though it is misleading in its intent.

The Lesson For Communicators

In the original post that accompanied this infographic it stated that Cruz and Rubio need to check their facts. That’s true. Reality is, we all need to check the facts before posting or stating what we “think” is true because we saw a post that we “liked,” did not check the facts, and believed it to be holistically true. The infographic is correct with the words “election” year. It is incorrect if you add the words “presidential election” year.

Supreme Court Justices mentioned: Kagan (2010), Alito (2006), Breyer (1994), Souter (1990), Scalia (1986), Rehnquist (1986), Blackmun (1970), Goldberg (1962), White (1962), Warren (1953), Clark (1949), Vinson (1946), Murphy (1940), Reed (1938), Cardozo (1932), Roberts (1930), Hughes (1930), Sutherland (1922), Brandeis (1916).

Presidential election years: 1900, 1904, 1908, 1912, 1916, 1920, 1924, 1928, 1932, 1936, 1940, 1944, 1948, 1952, 1956, 1960, 1964, 1968, 1972, 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016.

I did not do this to defend Cruz or Rubio. They are grown men. They can defend themselves. Also, I did not do this to share or persuade you with any particular political ideology. I did this because people do not take the time to check their facts anymore. We tend to believe the first thing we agree with (see or hear) on TV, or in this case, Facebook.

In this presidential election year, regardless if you are a Democrat or a Republican, please take the time to educate yourself with actual facts before believing everything you read. You don’t have to agree with everything you read, but at least make sure it tells the whole story and that parts of it are not intentionally misleading – much like the infographic.

Adam Horn's photo.

Continue reading

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New year, new program newsletter

Happy New Year to all from the UCM PR Faculty. We’re all getting everything ready to head back to campus for another great semester. Classes start on Jan. 11. To get you ready, here is our latest program newsletter. It contains lots of great updates about the program and we’re sure you’ll see some familiar names and faces as you read. We very much appreciate your support and hope you’ll also consider the opportunity to give back to the program. More details are inside:

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How UCM’s PR Program Cultivated a Lifelong Friendship

Guest post by PR alums Danielle Myers and Cara Mahon

In the public relations field, we talk a lot about never burning bridges because you’ll never know when you might need a favor or support. The same holds true for friends made during college. This is why we’re writing this blog post—to share with you the story of Cara Mahon and Dani Myers and how the UCM PR Program spurred a lifelong friendship. Continue reading

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What’s In It For Me? Class Client Edition

Guest Post By: Andrew Wortmann, UCM PR PRogram Alum

During your time in the PR program, you will undoubtedly work with a “real-world” client. The benefits of having students do “real-world” work are obvious for the client – an accessible test audience, extra sets of hands to work on projects, a fresh set of eyes, etc. Continue reading

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What Halloween can teach us about PR

From our student led agency Innovative PR, here’s some fun advice from Jenna Chwascinki:  What Halloween can teach us about PR

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It’s Your First Day on the Job. Now What?


By Jen (Manougian) Zoller

2007 UCM Alum, Managing Supervisor, Healthcare PR, TogoRun (New York, NY)

If you’ve accepted an offer for your first PR job, congratulations and welcome to the real world of PR professionals!  Continue reading

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Your Professor Has A Point

Guest post by Maggie Quinn, UCM PR Program Alumna

MaggieQuinn_WICT HeadshotIndividuals perusing this blog will surely come to the conclusion that the UCM PR Program offers students a unique experience as they pursue undergraduate degrees.  Continue reading

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Hearing Public Relations: Do you hear the “voice behind the voice”?

By Dr. Tricia Hansen-HornHansen-Horn

Can you actually hear a voice that’s behind another voice? How is it possible? Maybe it’s like listening to the still small voice of intuition when the more obvious clamors for prominence? Or, maybe it’s similar to how the conscience works in the face of a competing ideology? Whatever idea “the voice behind the voice” conjures up in your mind, in our minds it stands for what we do as public relations educators and professionals. It truly does represent the world of public relations when the public relations job is well done. Continue reading

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