Study Abroad/Alumni Trip – AUS 2018

Students, apply now! You are not locked in until after June 15, but you want to get a seat as soon as possible!

Alumni, apply now:

UCM students from all majors, as well as UCM alumni, are welcome to join the UCM PR program in December 2018 as we travel to Australia in the height of the Australian summer. Graduate students can travel with us as well. 

We’ve got a great study abroad trip planned, lots of people to meet, behind-the-scenes-tours to take, a koala sanctuary calling our name, and professional training and development to pursue. Alumni, we’ve put together an optional package of activities for you as well.

Total costs run from $3800-$4400 (this should cover your food, too), plus elective activities such as the optional alumni (alumni ONLY) package, as well as tuition for all participating students. We’re working hard to book a great cost-savings group flight! Note: We are estimating at the “high” end, which is an estimate of the money you will choose to spend on your meals and other things. You can control much of those costs! And, we’ve developed a scholarship fund that we hope our alumni and friends will fill…to scholarship some of each student’s trip. Here’s the link if someone you know wants to give: Share it on all your social media sites…over and over again.

Students must enroll in 3-6 credits of PR 4600: Special Topics. We’re offering two PR (CRN 13900) PR 4600 PRomotion and Australia, and (CRN 13898) PR 4600 PRomotion and International Travel. PR 2620 is a prerequisite to PR 4600, but we will let any interested student in by “instructor consent.” Don’t worry, Dr. Hansen-Horn will work with you to make sure you can enroll in the courses and, do well.

Those wanting to contribute to a scholarship dedicated solely to UCM students (all major, undergraduate or graduate) participating in the study abroad trip, can give to the designated foundation account found here (directing it to other as a drop down menu option):