What’s PR?

“Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” – Public Relations Society of America

The UCM PR program uses the tagline, “the voice behind the voice” to kick start our conversations about public relations. When it’s done well, no one knows we’re there. Great press coverage, superb special event messaging, an excellently crafted speech and talking points about a corporate acquisition or divestiture, a call to action generating increased giving to a philanthropy, well managed crises, employees knowledgeable and vested in an organization’s purpose…all are the outcomes of excellent public relations. Public relations truly is the voice behind the voice.

Watch more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68I-7IINMqc

PR Pro Day

Who can be good at it?

Persons with a passion for strategic communication, solid business acumen, thirst to learn wherever they are, commitment to writing, and who uses savvy relationship building and maintenance skills are sure to be successful. The UCM PR program takes you one step at a time through its PRSA CEPR (certified) educational process you need to be a skilled and successful public relations professional.

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