It’s almost time for Australia

It’s almost time for all 36 of us UCM PR program students, friends and faculty to head for the Land Down Under. Australia here we come. The Mules are Brisbane-bound.

We joined forces before leaving and spent time in and out of the classroom learning about passport applications and renewal, visa criteria, international purchases, different time zones, and planning for 230 voltage malfunctions, among other things. Additionally, technology has let us make plans with Queensland University of Technology – Brisbane faculty for a two-day workshop. We’ll meet all kinds of new people and exchange diverse ideas; we’ll plan and devise a host of interesting study abroad social media posts and blogs. We’ll even be evening guests of the Phillips Group.AUS class meeting

As we stand on the cusp of our departure, our excitement about experiencing and learning new things is contagious. Most of those traveling with us have never been outside the US borders. And, while we know we will depart Kansas City December 9 in hoodies and winter coats, we know we’ll arrive in Australia needing our shorts and flip flops.

Sunny skies and warm days, here we come. We’ll even lose an entire day on the way over and find it on our way back. What an experience.

We’ve got graduate and undergraduate, and UCM family and faculty traveling together. It’s already an energizing and diverse experience. How invigorating to meet and interact professionally with others from your same university who have different interests and degree programs. How exciting to meet more than 30 Australian professionals and form new relationships with them. New friendships are taking place, as well as professional network building sure to last a lifetime.

With a lot of people and at lot of plans, the public relations worldview in us guarantees a host of storytelling during this trip. From using Adobe Connect meeting technology to bring our travel agents to us during on-campus class meetings (they came to us simultaneously from Colorado and Tennessee), to “teleporting” a student in from Cape Girardeau, Missouri we’ve already had some robust and real-time exchanges of ideas. We’ll tell you all about it from the students’ perspectives.AUS t-shirt back

You can travel with us, at least through the blogs we’ll share and social media posts we’ll make. Our story can be your story.

All of the traveling students will be involved in the storytelling process, helping you experience what they experience “along the way” and as part of “opportunity in action.” Sign up right now for blog notifications by entering your email address in the upper right hand box found at (the host of this particular blog). And, be sure to follow us (before we leave) on Twitter at @UCM_PR_Program, like our Facebook page (and follow it if you want notifications of posts) at @ucmpr and, finally, team up with us on Instagram @ucm_pr.cropped-ucm_studyabroad_australia_1757x738.png

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  1. tressalynne says:

    I’ll be following your travels via social media. Happy trails!

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