Celebrating Certification

We are excited about attaining the “global standard in public relations education”!
As the largest global organization dedicated to the advancement of the public relations profession, the Public Relations Society of America’s Certification in Public Relations Education program is dedicated to the advancement of public relations education and the certification of excellent programs. We are certified and we are proud! Celebrate it with us Nov. 1 at UCM. Reserve your spot at ucmo.edu/cepr!
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Though a thorough and tough review process, the CEPR accreditation effort is definitely worth it. Our students, employers, benefactors and friends can rest assured that what the UCM PR program and its curriculum is clearly what is needed by students to become a successful program graduate! We know our students need training in strategic thinking, professional writing, business knowledge, employer and client relations, research and planning, media training, story telling and professional protocol. Our own experiences indicate the need and the CEPR research-driven criteria show the way. Our graduates have bright futures.

PRSA is spot on in its claim that “public relations is more vital than ever before…” It is also true, and unfortunately so, that “At the same time…the industry continues to suffer criticism at the hands of individuals who do not understand the practice and application of public relations.” This is no less so in academe than elsewhere. Thank goodness that PRSA decided to do something about that and put its support behind the Business Case for PR that, when implemented, helps targeted publics actually recognize and understand what we do. In addition, the CEPR program is another step toward helping others recognize the power and value of public relations, as well as the academic programs that train students well. In fact, the research of the Commission on Public Relations Education backs the curriculum criteria used in CEPR review. The powerful insights of industry and educational leaders clearly inform any university program what receives CEPR accreditation.

Interestingly, prospective students and their parents can be intrigued by the idea of public relations, but find it really hard to wrap their heads around what “doing PR” means. We get it; it’s not easy. I tell them that the description that I have for what PR is, is that it’s “the voice behind the voice” as in, if some sort of professional communication effort is done well, no one knows public relations was involved. The recipients of successful public relations efforts don’t even know they are recipients! Therein lies the rub, when we are good at what we do, the majority of those around us don’t even know we have been at work.

But, public relations people are at work everywhere. Not only is the field earmarked by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics as one of the fastest-growing employment segments, it is also known to provide its people with a high sense of satisfaction from a job well done. The future of PR is promising and our CEPR accredited graduates will find their way into successful futures.

Tricia Hansen-Horn PhD


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PRSA certified program in undergraduate public relations education, with growth in graduate education
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